HE Min,ZHAO Dongfeng,BAO Liyong,et al.An energyefficiency polling access control protocol for wireless sensor networks[J].CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems,2012,7(03):265-270.





An energyefficiency polling access control protocol for wireless sensor networks
1.云南大学 信息学院,云南 昆明 650091;
2.西南通信研究所 保密通信重点实验室,四川 成都 610041
HE Min1 ZHAO Dongfeng1 BAO Liyong1 ZUO Chaoshu2
1.School of Information Science and Engineering, Yunnan University, Kunming 650091, China;
2.Science and Technology on Communication Security Laboratory, Southwest Institute of Communication, Chengdu 610041, China
wireless sensor networks (WSN) point coordination function (PCF) energy efficiency polling service access control polling access controll
Although the energy waste is well controlled on the medium access control (MAC) layer under the periodic sleeping point coordination function (PCF) scheme in wireless sensor networks (WSN), the system performance declined and the system query energy cost increased because the node loads were ignored. Based on the limited service (K=1), an improved PCF polling control protocol, which is known as the point coordination function by the site status (PCFSS) for WSN, was proposed. The priority of a node was variable by its status and the service K was correspondingly changed using this protocol. Therefore, the service time of the next turn could be assigned dynamically according to its status when the AP server came to service a node. Also, the nodes were awakened by a uniform service time table which was used to save their power. The experimental results indicate that the performances, such as the mean value of queue length and message waiting time, are better than when using the periodic sleeping PCF scheme. The energy usage is more efficient and the lifecycle is longer, making it suitable for the MAC protocol of WSN. 


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