[1]YOCHUM Phatpicha,常亮,古天龙,等.基于位置和开放链接数据的旅游推荐系统综述[J].智能系统学报,2020,15(1):25-32.[doi:10.11992/tis.201912023]
 YOCHUM Phatpicha,CHANG Liang,GU Tianlong,et al.A review of linked open data in location-based recommendation system in the tourism domain[J].CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems,2020,15(1):25-32.[doi:10.11992/tis.201912023]





A review of linked open data in location-based recommendation system in the tourism domain
YOCHUM Phatpicha 常亮 古天龙 祝曼丽
桂林电子科技大学 广西可信软件重点实验室, 广西 桂林 541004
YOCHUM Phatpicha CHANG Liang GU Tianlong ZHU Manli
Guangxi Key Laboratory of Trusted Software, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, Guilin 541004, China
linked open datalocation-based recommendationtourism route recommendationtrajectory miningpersonalized recommendationontology
Using linked open data to solve the problem of information overload in location-based recommendation system is currently a hot topic. In particular, it has shown a great promising future in the tourism area. First, we make an introduction to the recommendation system, then present linked open data of tourism. We also have a detailed survey of journal papers that were published from 2014 to 2018 on the recommendation system in the tourism domain based on location and linked open data, including classification of publications, categorization of recommendation applications, and research achievements. Further, the applications of six typical types of linked open data in location-based tourism recommendation system, such as stand-alone point location-based recommendation, travel route recommendation, GPS trajectory-based recommendation, geo-tagged-media-based recommendation, ontology-based location recommendation, and location-based friend recommendation, are investigated in detail. A summary of the paper and the future research directions are made in the end.


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 KUANG Haili,CHANG Liang,BIN Chenzhong,et al.Review of a context-aware travel recommendation system[J].CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems,2019,14(1):611.[doi:10.11992/tis.201901013]


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