WU Jian-sheng.Study on the shorttime rainfall prediction model of neural ensemble based on PSO algorithms[J].CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems,2006,1(02):67-73.





Study on the shorttime rainfall prediction model of neural ensemble based on PSO algorithms
WU Jian-sheng
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Liuzhou Teache rs College, Liuzhou 545004,China
neural network ensemble particle swarm optimization quadratic program
This paper presents the evolving neural network architecture and connection weig hts based on Diversityguided Particle Swarm Optimization algorithms. The ensem ble strategy is carried out by using the quadratic programming to calculate the best nonnegative weights. The weighted coefficient of each ensemble individual is o b tained. This method can be used to establish the forecast model of the shortti m e rainfall. The applied example is built with the monthly mean rainfall in the w hole area of Guangxi. The result shows that this method can effectively increase the generalization ability of neural network. 


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