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Centralization and decentralization of intelligent optimization
陈 杰辛 斌窦丽华
CHEN JieXIN BinDOU Li-hua
School of Information Science and Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing 10008 1, China
intelligent optimization centralization and decentralization mechani sm combination algorithm evolution
On the basis of a brief analysis of principles and means for the gener ation of mechanisms in intelligent optimization, centralization and decentraliza tion, that are basic properties of intelligent optimization, are introduced. The relationship between these two properties and convergence is described. The sig nificance of these two properties to analysis and construction of algorithms is proposed. Finally, using an example based on the centralization and decentraliza tion of intelligent optimization, the mechanism combination of algorithm is expl ored from the point of view of population evolution. The practical examples are given.


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陈 杰,男,1965年生,教授,博士生导师,中国人工智能学会常务理事,中国自动化学会常务理事兼副秘书长,主要研究方向为复杂系统多目标优化与决策、智能控制、约束系统非线性控制、优化方法. 获部级科技进步奖10项,完成科研项目20余项,发表学术论文70余篇,出版著作3部.
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