[1]DU Weiwei.Colorization by classifying the prior knowledge[J].智能系统学报,2011,6(6):556-560.
 DU Weiwei.Colorization by classifying the prior knowledge[J].CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems,2011,6(6):556-560.

Colorization by classifying the prior knowledge

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Received Data: 2011-08-15.
Corresponding Author: DU Weiwei. E-mail:duweiwei@dit.ac.jp.
About the authors:
DU Weiwei was born in 1978. She received PhD degree from Kyushu University in 2008, and now she is an asstistant professor at Kyoto Institute of Technology. Her current interests include fuzzy clusters and graphspectral algorithms, and she has authored or co authored several technical articles in journals and conference proceedings.

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