CHI Jiannan,WANG Zhiliang,XIE Xiuzhen,et al.A survey of multitouch humancomputer interaction technology[J].CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems,2011,6(01):28-37.





A survey of multitouch humancomputer interaction technology
1.北京科技大学 信息工程学院,北京 100083;
2.北京控制工程研究所,北京 100190
CHI Jiannan1 WANG Zhiliang1 XIE Xiuzhen1 XU Kai2 FANG Hongliang1 XU Yongyun1 LI Ying1
1.School of Information Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083, China;
2.Beijing Institute of Control Engineering, Beijing 100190, China
multitouch humancomputer interaction hardware system structure software system framework
Multitouch technology was reviewed based on optics from four aspects: hardware, software, application domains, and development trends. For hardware, the structure of the hardware system was introduced along with five technologies which are used to build optical multitouch systems and the projection technology that is used to build a large multitouch screen. Concerning software, the way to retrieve the information of contacts from a hardware platform was introduced first, and then the relevant contents of gesture recognition were shown. The multitouch software framework was given, and at the same time the method of passing the information of contacts to the upper applications through the TUIO protocol was explained. Finally, this paper describes the application domains and development trends of multitouch technology.


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