[1].The local quotient image method—an iuumination preproassing method for face recogaition[J].智能系统学报,2010,5(4):372-375.
 GAN Sheng.The local quotient image method—an iuuminationpreproassing method for face recogaition[J].CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems,2010,5(4):372-375.

The local quotient image method—an iuumination preproassing method for face recogaition


Received Date:2009-04-10.
Corresponding Author:GAN Sheng.E-mail:kankaqi@gmail.com.
Biographies: Sheng Gan obtained his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in 2006 from Beijing Normal University. At the same time he also obtained another bachelor’s degree in English Literature. He won the first prize in Mathematics Contest for Beijing College Students in 2004. He ranks among the top 5% in his department. His field of interest is Computer vision and Pattern recognition.

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