Guidelines for Submission

I. Submission Process
¡¡CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems only accepts online submissions from its official website (, which is the only way to submit a manuscript. On the homepage, enter ¡°Author Center/Manuscript inquiry¡± and log in as an author (please register your account first if you are a new user). To submit online, (1) check matters that need attention in the submission, (2) confirm the content of the copyright agreement, (3) upload the manuscript (final version), (4) confirm the manuscript information (An asterisk means a required field), (5) enter author information (add all author information as required), and (6) when the manuscript is submitted successfully, the system will automatically give a manuscript ID number. Furthermore, the author can log on to the website at any time to inquire about the manuscript status and other information.
II. Author Byline Order and Copyright Transfer Agreement
¡¡When submitting a manuscript to this journal, all authors should personally sign the copyright agreement (download link) and transfer the commercial use right of the manuscript to the editorial department of CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems. Authors should ensure that the submitted manuscripts are original, have no intellectual property disputes, have not been published elsewhere in any form or language, have not been submitted multiple times, and have no objection to the author¡¯s signature, ranking, and work unit. Once submitted, the manuscript content cannot be modified.
III. Notes for submission:
¡¡1. CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems calls for contributions worldwide. For funded manuscripts, please attach the project name and grant number.
¡¡2. The content of the manuscript should comply with relevant national laws and regulations and should be free of academic misconduct such as copyright violation, plagiarism, and data forgery.
¡¡3. Manuscripts must be original, academic, scientific, accurate, normative, and readable, and the authors should be responsible for the content.
¡¡4. When submitting a manuscript online, please provide manuscript details strictly according to the steps. Please make sure that the submitted manuscript is the final version and it has been typeset according to the manuscript template (download link), as it cannot be modified after submission. When all authors have signed it, register all the authors in the system individually according to the order of the signatures (when the manuscript is published, the signature and order of the authors are based on the electronic version uploaded in the system) and download the copyright agreement (download link). After all the authors have signed or sealed the copyright agreement, please scan and upload the copyright agreement and the manuscript to the system. To enable communication with the author, the registration information should include the author¡¯s name, gender, professional title, office phone, mobile phone, e-mail, affiliation, mailing address, and specific research direction.5. All authors should be responsible for the authenticity of the content of the manuscript, reliability of data, credibility of the conclusion, and conformance to legal, academic, and moral norms. The corresponding author should be the academic advisor or supervisor of the study. For special contribution, the specialist/expert is suggested to be the first author or corresponding author.
¡¡5. All authors should be responsible for the authenticity of the content of the manuscript, reliability of data, credibility of the conclusion, and conformance to legal, academic, and moral norms. The corresponding author should be the academic advisor or supervisor of the study. For special contribution, the specialist/expert is suggested to be the first author or corresponding author.
¡¡6. The author should ensure that the manuscript is confidential and will not be shared. If the manuscripts contain classified scientific research projects, the author should go to the unit where he/she works and obtain confidentiality approval and upload them once signed.
¡¡7. If the manuscript is accepted, the author voluntarily licenses the following rights to the editorial department of CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems worldwide for free: (1) assembly right, (2) translation right, (3) sublicensing right, (4) reproduction right, (5) right of information transmission through network, and (7) distribution right. The authorization period is the same as the copyright protection period of the manuscript. The editorial department has the right to copy, distribute, and disseminate this work in various known or possible forms, formats, and media (including but not limited to print, CD-ROM, diskette, Internet, etc.); to translate and compile this work; to derive other works by using the figures, tables, abstracts, or any part of this work; and to license all or part of the above rights to a third party.
IV. Requirements for manuscript writing
¡¡Authors should download the manuscript from the ¡°Author Center¡± on the official website in advance and arrange them according to the manuscript template (download link) and description of the format (download link). Submissions should include Chinese and English titles, authors¡¯ full name, unit, abstract, keywords, main body of the article, references, and a brief introduction to the author. Please read the following format requirements carefully before submission:
¡¡1. Language fluency is the most basic requirement for a manuscript. Please read the manuscript carefully and repeatedly before submission, correct text errors, and avoid incoherent sentences.
¡¡2. The thesis should have a clear, logical structure and be focused and rigorous. For appropriate expression and flow of the main content, please refine the sentences, simplify the introduction of basic theories and methods, and highlight the novelty of the study. Please simplify the charts, formulas, derivation, and proof process.
¡¡3. The Chinese abstract should be within 200¨C300 words. The abstract should be structured with four elements: purpose, methods, results, and conclusions. The English abstract should be strictly checked. Moreover, 8¨C10 Chinese and English keywords should follow the abstract.
¡¡4. Numbers and Greek, English, and Roman characters in the text and formulas written in lower case, subscripts, and subscripts should be clearly defined. Please use black italics for matrices, vectors, vectors, and tensors. Please use MathType to edit equations; they should not appear as images. Chinese characters, variables, units, and figures should be written clearly. Tables should have Chinese and English titles. Please indicate physical quantities and their units.
¡¡5. Manuscripts should have no less than 30 references, and the description format should be carefully arranged according to the manuscript template. The format should be standardized and all sections complete. Please use consistent capitalization.
¡¡6. Please refer to the manuscript template for the text content and sequence of the author¡¯s profile. If there are more than three authors, only the profile (with photos) of the first three authors will be presented. If an author is the Dean of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, or related colleges, or the winner of the Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award, please state this in the introduction.
V. Manuscript processing flow
¡¡CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems strictly implements the editor¡¯s preliminary review, external expert¡¯s review, and chief editor¡¯s final review. Specifically, in the preliminary review, the editor decides whether the manuscript meets the submission requirements, and the double-blinded peer-review and chief editor¡¯s final review decide whether the manuscript is accepted or not. According to the final opinion of the editor, the accepted manuscript will be returned to the author for revision. Unsuitable manuscripts are rejected, and the authors are informed promptly. Specifically, the manuscript processing flow is as follows:

VI. Digital preservation policy
¡¡We use a local facility to store a complete, accurate digital version of papers. The current format standards are XML and PDF. We ensure that all the volumes published remain available through the journal website Readers can access our journal and individual articles by browsing the journal website for free.
VII. Review fee and page charges
¡¡1. Review fee: After the manuscript has passed the preliminary review, authors are required to pay a review fee of 100 yuan. Please refer to the Payment notice of the review fee (download link) for details.
¡¡2. Page charges: Before the manuscript is published, authors must pay 300 yuan per page. There is no extra charge for color pages. Please refer to the Payment notice of page charges (download link) for details.

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