¡¡Recently, some authors reported that forged acceptance certificates were sent to them by email or other means in the name of the journal, with the intention of deceiving the authors and charging them a fee.
¡¡The journal hereby solemnly declares that
¡¡(1) Such information is not published by the journal; we advise our authors to stay vigilant and do not respond to any fraud emails.
¡¡(2) The journal has never established a relationship with any institution, website, or individual to publish papers on its behalf.
¡¡(3) All submissions should be made online, and authors can check the status once the submission is finished; thus, claims that manuscripts cannot be viewed online because page charges have not been paid are not valid.
¡¡If you encounter such a situation, you are welcome to provide relevant clues to the journal!
¡¡Tel: 0451-82518134

Editorial Department of CAAI Transactions on Intelligent Systems
December 12, 2013

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