Journal Introduction

¡¡The Transactions on Intelligent Systems is a peer-reviewed journal in Chinese, jointly sponsored by the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence and Harbin Engineering University. It began in 2006, published bimonthly and available for free in a digital format as well.
¡¡The Transactions on Intelligent Systems is a leading resource in the Chinese scientific journals that covers the fields of machine learning, robots, machine perception and pattern recognition, intelligent systems, brain cognition basis, knowledge engineering, natural language processing and understanding, and artificial intelligence basis, etc., and its columns include Preface to the Volume, review articles, research articles, Winners¡¯ Forum of Wu Wenjun Artificial Intelligence Science and Technology Award, Deans¡¯ Forum of Artificial Intelligence, debate and inside, hot topics, and Policies and Comments.It provides a platform for scientists and engineers in a wide range of topics on artificial intelligence, both in and out of China.
¡¡Prof. Deyi Li, editor in chief, is a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and honorary chairman of the Chinese Association of Artificial Intelligence. The Editorial Board consists of 112 members who are the renowned scholars worldwide and are active in relevant fields.
¡¡The Transactions on Intelligent Systems is indexed or abstracted in the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), A Guide to the Core Journals of China, Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations, American Cambridge Scientific Abstracts£¬Scopus database of the Netherlands, etc.
¡¡The Transactions on Intelligent Systems has won the National Natural Science foundation of China successively in the past five years as well as many honors and awards, including the Top 100 rank of Best Scientific Journals of Chinese Universities, the first Prize in Excellent Journals on the Scientific Paper Online of China, a Sci-tech Journal award with Characteristics of Chinese Universities and an Excellent Journal award from the Ministry of Industry and Informatization. According to the latest data of the Annual Report for Chinese Academic Journal Impact Factors, our journal is listed in Q2 with an impact factor of 2.755, ranking 24th among 145 journals of its kind. So far there are130 journals around the world relevant to artificial intelligence that are listed in the World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) report of Scientific and Technological Periodicals, and our journal is one of the only 5 Chinese academic journals in this field. In addition, our journal takes the first place among the included Chinese journals in the Selected Journals in Computer Science of Tsinghua University; it is listed in Classification T2 in the graded Catalogue of High-Quality Scientific Journals in Computer Science issued by the China Computer Federation.

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