Machine Perception and Pattern Recognition
Intelligent Systems
PENG Xiu-yan1, LI Yi-dan2, LV Shu-ping1, ZHAO Xi-ren1  [Abstract] Viewed(4172)  [PDF:490KB] Downloaded(2750)  [HTML]
Brain and Cognition
Knowledge Engineering
Natural Language Processing and Comprehension
Fundamentals of Artificial intelligence
LIU San-yang1,2ZHANG Xiao-wei1  [Abstract] Viewed(6248)  [PDF:700KB] Downloaded(3491)  [HTML]
YIN Lin-zi12YANG Chun-hua1GUI Wei-hua1LI Yong-gang1  [Abstract] Viewed(5479)  [PDF:541KB] Downloaded(3201)  [HTML]
CAO Su-qun12, WANG Shi-tong1, CHEN Xiao-feng1, DENG Zhao-hong1  [Abstract] Viewed(5108)  [PDF:706KB] Downloaded(3587)  [HTML]

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