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You are welcome to contribute to the Transactions on Intelligent Systems. Please note the following items in order to enable your manuscript to enter the review process smoothly. 1) The Journal solicits contributions in public from home and abroad. For a fund contribution, please attach the project name and reference number. The Journal rejects the behavior of one-manuscript multi-contributions and a manuscript that was published in English language.
2) Please download the written template (please carefully fill in the self-narrated portion on the innovation point) and the Contribution Declaration before submitting a manuscript. Please scan the Contribution Declaration (please sign by hand for the signature portion) and upload it with your paper in the form of picture. For an online contribution, please fill in the manuscript information strictly in accordance with the required steps. When there are several authors, each author must be registered and accurately filled in.
3)For an online contribution, the sequence of the authors added into the system shall be consistent with the sequence of the authors in the paper. All authors of a paper shall be registered on the website, including their name, gender, age, professional title, office telephone, mobile phone, e-mail, employer, detailed post address, specific research direction, etc., so as to facilitate compilation and keeping in touch with them.
4) The Journal strictly performs the system of initial review of the magazine office, secondary review of experts and final review & approval, i.e. by initial review, if a manuscript conforms to the reception conditions or not is determined; by secondary review, the experts in the corresponding fields will review the manuscript; by final review, they decide if a manuscript is adopted or not. An editor will return a manuscript that was adopted to the authors for revision on basis of the advice in the final review. The manuscripts with common assessment or unsuitable for adoption will be returned in time and informed to the authors.
5)An authorshall assure that he has the legal copyright. For a paper cooperatively completed, the signature must be agreed by the cooperative personnel, so as to avoid a dispute on the signature right. In case of a dispute on the signature right, all responsibilities shall be borne by the author.
6)An author shall assure his paper not to involve in secret and secret divulgence. If a paper was completed by funding of a secret-related scientific research project, the author shall obtain a confidentiality review & approval advice from the corresponding unit.
7)If a manuscript was adopted, the author shall voluntarily transfer the following rights of the paper to the Transactions on Intelligent Systems:(1)compilation; (2) translation; (3) copying of printing and electronic version; (4) digital publishing; (5) network transmission; (6) issuing.